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The IRC Client For Developers

The Relay Chat Still Works

Why are we paying for chat applications so our teams can communicate? Well, IRC has not always been secure, customizable or easy to deploy, but a lot of these issues have now been solved. With a ZNC bounce, a simple ircd server and 5 minutes you can avoid paying for communication and keep your company chat logs secure and on your own infrastructure.

Komanda is open source, free and built using modern web technologies. It's very easy to extend, customize and secure. Try it out and stop paying for team communication tools.

All The Basics

Komanda uses IRC for its communications protocol and as a result supports everything you're likely used to. Channels, Users, Permission, Private, Public and much more. If something is missing it's one easy plugin away from being directly part of the client itself. With Komanda your workflow and experience are yours to command.

Secure Your Logs

Keep your data where you control it. Think about it, what do you normally talk about in your current team chat clients? Source code, intellectual property, trade secrets, clients etc. if you use a provider to host your chat logs that information is at the mercy of your provider. If you pay $5 a month do you really think your security is their priority?

Plugins & Integration

Write your own plugins, themes and workflow with Komanda. Komanda was built using modern web technologies and as a result we got extensibility for free. We use our own APIs to build the client itself and plugins like the github integration and embeded objects like images, twitter posts, gist urls and more.

Theme It To Death

Since the Komanda UI was built with html5, Javascript and CSS3 everything you see can be changed. Build your own custom themes to match your company's colors or mimic the look & feel of other popular clients. With Komanda the UI is yours to control from the channel messages, UI controls and even the Komanda configuration screens.

Save That Money

Given, most chat providers are pretty inexpensive but every little bit counts when you are a startup or running your own open source project. Komanda is open source and free. It will be forever and as a result the community will drive the direction and future of the project. Don't waste money, make money.

Github Integration

Komanda ships with tight integration with github. View pull requests, issues, comments and more right in your channel without leaving the screen once. The future holds great things for features like this and with the community backing it you can bet your money it will be awesome and save time.